AVML (Advanced Virtual Manufacturing Lab) is a web-based e-learning course that includes realistic fully functional virtual CNC milling machines and lathes; a 20 hour lecture on the theory and practice of CNC Milling & Turning; and step-by-step training on the basic operating procedures on CNC milling machines and lathes.


The AVML will significantly reduce the cost and increase the accessibility and safety of advanced manufacturing training.

The market for AVML includes:
  • Academic market. This includes universities, community colleges, vocational schools, high schools, and middle schools.
  • Industrial market. Companies that use CNC machines would find the AVML a valuable tool for training their employees on advanced CNC machines in a risk free environment, without negative impact on production schedules for heavily used machines.
  • Machine tool providers can implement sophisticated machine tools in the AVML and offer their customers cost effective training along with the machine. This will greatly accelerate the deployment of machines in production and shorten the time that it takes for a machine to achieve maximum productivity.