develops high end e-learning courses which include video game virtual reality technology, 2D/3D multimedia, and intelligent virtual tutors. AscienceTutor's e-learning framework can be applied to science (physics, chemistry, and biology), engineering, or any other technical field.

AscienceTutor can develop custom e-learning modules for your specific training/education application. (Please contact us to discuss your specific needs).

AscienceTutor currently develops the e-learning courses shown below.

CNC Milling & Turning
AVML (Advanced Virtual Machining Lab) is a web-based e-learning course that includes realistic fully functional virtual CNC milling machines and lathes; a 20 hour lecture on the theory and practice of CNC Milling & Turning; and step-by-step training on the basic operating procedures on CNC milling machines and lathes.

Centrifugal Pump
VCPL (Virtual Centrifugal Pump Lab) is a web-based e-learning course on centrifugal pumps, including operation theory, installation, inspection and maintenance.

VWL (Virtual Welding Lab) is a web-based e-learning course on various welding processes, that includes: machine shop and welding safety; welding symbols; joint design; welding equipment and equipment setup; welder training lessons for the various types of joints; common problems and how to avoid them; inspection and testing; weldability including material science basics and selection of filler materials; and virtual reality welding demonstrations. The VWL includes 3 sub-modules: VWL-SMAW (shielded-metal arc welding), VWL-FCAW (flux cored arc welding), VWL-GMAW (gas metal arc welding) (under development), and VWL-GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding) (under development).

University Physics
VPL (Virtual Physics Lab) is a web-based e-learning course for first-year university physics, that includes: interactive simulations of physics experiments delivered in a video game-like 3D virtual environment; 2D and 3D multimedia instruction; and intelligent virtual tutors. The following subjects are covered: kinematics, Newtonian mechanics, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermal dynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics, relativity, and quantum/particle physics.